List of postgraduate courses

Below is the full list of all courses in Postgraduate School and degree to be awarded
African Traditional ReligionM.A, Ph.D. - Philosophy & Religious Studies
AccountingPGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
AccountingMBA - Business Administration
Advocacy StudiesPGS, M.Sc - Institute of Governance & Development Studies
Agricultural Economics M.Sc., Ph.D.
Agricultural ExtensionM.Phil/Ph.D.
Agricultural Extension And CommunicationPGD, MSC, Ph.D.
Agronomy (Crop Production)PGD
Agronomy (Crop Science)PGD
Agronomy (Soil And Water)PGD
Analytical/ Environmental ChemistryM.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Animal SciencePGD, M.Phil/Ph.D.
Animal Science (Animal Breeding And Genetics)M.Sc. , Ph.D.
Animal Science (Animal Nutrition)M.Sc. , Ph.D.
Animal Science (Animal Physiology And Bioclimatology)M.Sc.
Animal Science (Animal Production And Management)M.Sc. , Ph.D.
Applied Entomology And ParasitologyM.Sc - Zoology
Applied Entomology/ ParasitologyM.Sc - Zoology
Applied Geophysics PGD - Physics
Applied Hydro Biology And Fisheries M.Sc, Ph.D.
Applied Hydro Biology/ Fisheries M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D. - Zoology
Aquaculture And Fisheries ManagementPGD,MSC, M.Phil/Ph.D.
Aquaculture And Fisheries Management (Aquaculture)PHD
Aquaculture And Fisheries Management (Fish Nutrition)PHD
Arabic Language Ph.D.
Arabic Literature Ph.D.
Arabic StudiesPGD M.A - Faculty of Arts
Arbitration PGD - LAW
Banking and FinancePGD
Biblical Studies (New Testament)M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Biblical Studies (Old Testament)M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. - Philosophy & Religious Studies
BiochemistryPGD, M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Biodiversity And Conservation Management PGD - Plant Sciences & Biotechnology
Biometrics And Remote Sensing M.Phil/Ph.D. - Forestry and Wildlife (PSB)
Breeding, Genetics And Biotechnology M.Phil/Ph.D. - Plant Sciences & Biotechnology
Broadcast/ICT SequenceM.Sc - Mass Communication
Business AdministrationPGD.M.Sc, Ph.D.
ChemistryPGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Church HistoryM.A - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases M.Sc
Clinical PsychologyM.Sc, Ph.D. - Psychology
Community HealthPGD
Community Health EducationPGDCHE - Institute of Education
Comparative Religious StudiesM.A - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Computer SciencePGD, M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Computer Science (Database/Information System)M.Sc
Computer Science (Information Security) M.Sc
Computer Science (Networking) M.Sc
Computer Science (Software Engineering) M.Sc
Construction Management PGD, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Crop Protection MSC, Ph.D. - Agronomy
Crop ScienceMSC, MPHIL/Ph.D., Ph.D - Agronomy
Cultural AdministrationPGD - Theatre and Culture Studies
Cultural Policy And Management M.A - Theatre and Culture Studies
Curriculum StudiesM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Cyber SecurityM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Cybersecurity And Digital Forensic M.Sc
Data Science And Technology M.Sc
Development Communication PGD, M.A, Ph.D.
Development Communication (Sequence)M.Sc - Mass Communication
Development Finance M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Developmental EconomicsProfessional Masters - Economics
Digital Forensic (Institute of development)M.Sc
Disaster ManagementPGD, M.Sc
Disaster Risk Management and Development studiesPh.D.
EconomicsPGD, MSC, Ph.D.
Economics Education Ph.D. - Arts and Social Sciences Education
Educational Administration And PlanningPGD, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Educational Management
Educational PsychologyM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Educational Foundation
Election Administration M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Electronic SequencePh.D. - Mass Communication
Electronics And Communication PhysicsPGD, M.Phil/Ph.D.
Energy and Petroleum EconomicsProfessional Masters - Economics
English LanguagePGD, M.A, Ph.D.
EntrepreneurshipMBA - Business Administration
Entrepreneurship & Innovation ManagementPh.D.
Environmental and Occupational Health PGD
Environmental and Occupational MicrobiologyM.Sc
Environmental Resource management PGD - Geography
European StudiesPGS,M.Sc, Ph.D.
Facilities Management PGD, M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
Farm Management And Production EconomicsPGD
Film And Media ArtsM.A, Ph.D.
FinanceM.Sc - Banking and Finance
FinanceMBA - Business Administration
Financial Sector RegulationsPh.D.
Finiancial EconomicsProfessional Masters - Economics
Forensic Accounting And AuditingM.Sc
Forensic And Correctional PsychologyM.Sc, Ph.D.
Forensic Investigation M.Sc
Forensic Psychology/LinguisticsM.Sc
French (African Literature In French) Ph.D.
French (Language)M.A
French (Literature) M.A
French(Comparative Literature) Ph.D.
French(French Language And Linguistics) Ph.D.
Gender Studies PGD, M.Sc
General ManagementMBA - Business Administration
Geographic Information System M.Sc
Geography (Climatology)M.Sc, Ph.D.
Geography (Environmental Resource Management)M.Sc, Ph.D. - Geography
Geography (Geomorphology) M.Sc, Ph.D.
Geography (Population) M.Sc
Geography (Urban And Regional Planning) M.Sc - Urban and Regional Planning
Geology (Environmental Geology)M.Sc - Geology and Mining
Geology (Hydrogeology/Engineering Geology) M.Sc, Ph.D. - Geology and Mining
Geology (Mineral Exploration) M.Sc, Ph.D. - Geology and Mining
Geology And Mining PGD, Ph.D.
Guidance And Counselling PGD, M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
HausaPGD, M.A
Health EconomicsProfessional Masters - Economics
Health Economics, Management and PolicyPGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
HistoryM.A, Ph.D.
Home Science And Management (Food And Nutrition)PGD
Human Resource ManagementMBA - Business Administration
Industrial ChemistryM.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Industrial/Organizational PsychologyM.Sc
Instructional Technology Ph.D. - Science Technology and Mathematics Education
InsuranceMBA - Business Administration
Islamic StudiesPGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Islamic Studies Education Ph.D.
Land AdministrationM.Sc, Ph.D. - Geography
Land Resource Development M.Sc - Geography
LawM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Legislative & Political Parties Studies PGD
LinguisticsM.A, Ph.D.
Literature In EnglishPGD, M.A, Ph.D.
LLM (Communications And Information Technology Law) CIT LawLLM
LLM (Constitutional And Human Rights Law) CHR LawLLM
LLM (Corporate Governance And Finance Law) CGF LawLLM
LLM (Energy And Natural Resources Law) ENR LawLLM
LLM (Entertainment And Sports Law)ESL LawLLM
LLM (Intellectual Property Law And Policy)IPL LawLLM
LLM (International Law And Diplomacy) ILD LawLLM
LLM (International Maritime Law) IML LawLLM
LLM (Investment Law And Policy) ILP LawLLM
LLM (Islamic Banking And Finance) IBF LawLLM
LLM (Law And Government) LAG LawLLM
LLM (Law Enforcement And Administration) LEA LawLLM
LLM (Law Of Alternative Dispute Resolution) LAD LawLLM
LLM (Security Law And Policy)SLP LawLLM
LLM (Taxation Law And Policy) TLP LawLLM
M.Ed. Curriculum StudiesM.Ed. - Educational Foundation
M.Ed. Educational Administration And Planning M.Ed. - Educational Management
M.Ed. Educational Psychology M.Ed. - Educational Foundation
M.Ed. English Education M.Ed. - Arts and Social Sciences Education
M.Ed. Guidance And CounsellingM.Ed. - Guidance and Counselling
M.Ed. Islamic Studies EducationM.Ed. - Arts and Social Sciences Education
M.Ed. Mathematics Education M.Ed. - Science Technology and Mathematics Education
M.Ed. Measurement And Evaluation M.Ed. - Educational Foundation
M.Ed. Philosophy Of Education M.Ed. - Educational Foundation
M.Ed. Science Education M.Ed. - Science Technology and Mathematics Education
M.Ed. Sociology Of EducationM.Ed. - Educational Foundation
Management Information SystemMBA - Business Administration
MarketingMBA - Business Administration
Mass CommunicationPGD, M.SC
Master In Accounting And Finance MAF - Accounting
Master in Public Sector Accounting (MIPSA)MIPSA/M.SC - Accounting
Master in Security and Investment Studies (Banking and Finance)
Master Of Law And Corporate Governance
Master’s in Environmental Resource ManagementERM - Geography
Master’s in International Relations And DiplomacyIRD - Political Science
Master’s in Public Health
Master’s in Security and Strategic Studies
Master’s in Urban And Regional PlanningUrban And Regional Planning
Masters In Cyber Security
Masters In Development EconomicsMDE - Economics
Masters in Disaster Management
Masters In Financial EconomicsMFE - Economics
Masters In Gender Studies
Masters In Health EconomicsMHE - Economics
Masters in Internet Governance and Policy
Masters In Petroleum And Energy EconomicsMPE - Economics
Masters In Procurement Management
Masters of Election Administration
Mathematics (Applied) M.Sc, Ph.D.
Mathematics (Pure And Applied) M.Sc, M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
Mathematics Education M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Measurement And EvaluationM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Educational Foundation
Medical ForensicM.Sc
Medical Microbiology M.Sc, M.Phil/PhD
Medical Microbiology & Parasitology M.Sc
Microbiology PGD, M.Sc
Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology) M.Sc, M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
Microbiology (Food And Industrial Microbiology)M.Sc, Ph.D.
Microbiology (Medical Microbiology) M.Sc, M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology and Genomics M.Sc,Ph.D.
Money and Capital Market M.Phil/PhD, Ph.D.
MPA (General)MPA - Public Administration
MPA (Local Government Administration)MPA - Public Administration
MPA (Management)MPA - Public Administration
MPA (Personnel Administration) MPA - Public Administration
MPA (Public Policy Analysis) MPA - Public Administration
Organizational Development StudiesPGS, M.Sc - Institute of Governance & Development Studies
ParasitologyPh.D. - Zoology
Peace And Conflict Studies PGD, MSC, Ph.D.
Philosophy And EthicsM.A, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Philosophy Of EducationM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Educational Foundation
Philosophy Of Religion M.A - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Physics (Applied Geophysics)Ph.D.
Physics (Electronics And Communication) Ph.D.
Physics (Plasma)Ph.D.
Physics (Radiation And Medical Physics) M.Sc, Ph.D.
Physics (Theoretical Physics) M.Sc
Planning (Facilities Management) M.Sc - Urban and Regional Planning
Planning (Project Management)M.Sc - Urban and Regional Planning
Plant Genetics And BreedingM.Sc, Ph.D. - Plant Sciences & Biotechnology
Plant Science And Breeding M.Sc - Plant Sciences & Biotechnology
Political Science (International Relations)PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Political Science (Political Economy And Development Studies) M.Sc, Ph.D.
Political Science (Public Policy Analysis)PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Print Sequence Ph.D. - Mass Communication
Project Management PGD, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Public AdministrationPGD,M.Sc, Ph.D.
Public Audit ManagementMIPSA/M.SC - Accounting
Public FinanceProfessional Masters - Economics
Public Finance and Debt ManagementM.Sc
Public Finance ManagementMIPSA/M.SC - Accounting
Public HealthPh.D.
Public Health PGD, M.Sc
Public Health and Sanitary Microbiology M.Sc
Public Policy AccountingM.Phil
Public Relations/Advertising SequenceM.Sc, Ph.D. - Mass Communication
Public Sector Accounting M.Sc
Radiation And Medical PhysicsM.Phil/Ph.D.
Refugee And International Humanitarian Law PGD - LAW
Religious StudiesM.A, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Science EducationM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Science Technology and Mathematics Education
Security And Strategic Studies PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.
SedimentologyM.Sc - Geology and Mining
Social StudiesM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Arts and Social Sciences Education
SociologyM.Sc., Ph.D.
Sociology Of EducationM.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. - Educational Foundation
Sociology Of ReligionM.A - Philosophy & Religious Studies
Soil ScienceM.Sc. - Agronomy
Solid State PhysicsPh.D.
StatisticsPGD, M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Tax ManagementMIPSA/M.SC - Accounting
Taxation and Revenue ManagementPh.D.
Theatre And Cultural StudiesM.A, Ph.D.
Theatre Arts PGD
Theoretical Physics Ph.D.
Theoretical Physics (Mathematical Physics)M.Phil/Ph.D.
Theoretical Physics (Solid State Physics)M.Phil/Ph.D.
Theory and Research SequencePh.D. - Mass Communication
Transportation Planning Ph.D. - Urban and Regional Planning
Transportation Planning and Logistics PGD - Urban and Regional Planning
Treasury ManagementMIPSA/M.SC - Accounting
Urban And Regional PlanningPGD, Msc, M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D.
Urban And Regional Planning (Sustainable Land Use Planning And Management)M.Sc.
Urban Development and Governance M.Sc, Ph.D. - Urban and Regional Planning
Virology M.Sc. - Zoology